Friday, 23 December 2016

What I would do in the summer Hoildays!

What I would do in the summer holidays is...
go to the beach.

What I need:

3. drinks and food
5.sun screen if emergency
8.board for lying on in the water old ones

I will be wearing my old shoes to go swimming and save my new shoes for walking. Why and I using shoes under water? Its so you won't get cut by shells and rocks. Also I wear them for paddling its faster in my opinion. It is also better with eh board so I can relax and swim at the same time. 

Also in the summer I would go to the bowling club in Panmure and have some fun!

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  1. Hi Robati,

    You and I both love to do the same thing when we have a day off in the summer and that is to go swimming. I love to swim! (And I also wear old shoes when I swim at the beach so that I don't cut my toes on shells or branches under the water).

    I often bring my son, Aronui, with me when I go swimming because he loves it. He's a little fish! In fact, he often asks me when we can go swimming next.

    As I sit here at my desk I can see the beautiful sun shining outside. I hope that you are making the most of it and swimming with your friends/family as we speak!

    Rachel :)