Saturday, 17 December 2016

Learning the basic's

1.The name of the capital city is Berlin.
2. The population of Berlin is 3502 million people.
3. In January the weather in Berlin is usual y rain falls.
4. The city is located in the middle part of the country.
5. The language most commonly spoken in Berlin are German and a bit of Engish

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  1. Kia ora!

    You have really mastered the basics, Robati. I love to see that you used your computer to do some research on Berlin. It is a fascinating city full of beautiful buildings and lovely canals. I had the chance to visit the city with my sister, Leigh, a few years ago and we spent a lot of time cycling through the downtown. We also went on a tour of the famous historical landmarks, including the site of the former Berlin Wall. Did you know that Berlin used to have a huge wall that was built to separate one side of the city (the east) from the other (the west)? The people of Berlin, and of German in general, were not allowed to climb over the wall. Instead, they had to remain on 'their' side. It must have been so difficult for families who had members on the opposite side of the wall. They wouldn't have ever been able to see them...

    Fortunately, the wall was taken down years ago and now you are allowed to roam around the city freely.

    Keep up the great learning and the great researching, Robati!

    Rachel :)