Saturday, 17 December 2016

What I have done in Wellington?

When I had to left Australia I  had to go to New Zealand's capital city, Wellington to see my mum. I have been in Wellington for 2 years. What I have been doing in Wellington is I went to a school called Lyall Bay School. We can go on trips at At Lyall Bay. We went to the Beehive where the government people were but it was empty inside. We saw a long table with chairs on the edges and one giant chair for the leader. ( I think) We get to sit on the chairs but our teacher Mrs.T (Anita) gets to choose who gets to sit on the chair. She choose my friend Brielle and she has to choose one of us what did you have for breakfast. She choose Angus my other friend and he said " I had wheat bix with milk and sugar thank you," After we done all that we had to go on the bus back to school. We also visited a bank that had mini bars covering stacks and stacks of $50 dollar notes. We went there to learning about money. It was like a movie there but a man that had to show us photos and questions and who ever gets the question rights gets a point and a lollipop. I didn't win but my friend Olivia did.
At home I just placed with my three friends everyday inside and outside

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  1. Hi Robati!

    This is such a cool blog! I used to live in Wellington too, for 3 years. It is a pretty cool city eh? Have you ever been to Oriental Bay near the city? The one with the fountain? That's a cool spot in the summer. I like that we can jump off the wharf over there too.

    If you were showing a friend Wellington, where would you take them? I might got to the Museum, Te Papa, and Weta Workshop. Have you heard of Weta?

    Kia kaha, Keep up the amazing work!