Tuesday, 18 October 2016

We learnt about plants!!!!

Friday 14th October 2016  
When we went to the botanical garden we went straight to the gate and entered. I was given the iPad to take photos and give other people a turn. We were split up into two groups, 10 with Mrs Buchanan and 10 with Mrs Hoeberigs. I was with Mrs Buchanan and with the other 9 children. We first went to the water where it looks like DNA, inside you flowing down with water. Then we went to the flax ( harakeke) and we took pictures of the plants. We also went to see a lot of shovels that look like a puffer fish and a porcupine. We took a picture underneath a blossom tree. After that we went passed the Japanese garden and had a drink. When we stopped and found a water fountain, some people went out and started to explore the whole garden while we were sitting down and drawing anything you want. After that we had to go and were walking on the side of the road. I was in the front with Mrs Buchanan and we saw cactus, different types and they were very spiky and very prickly. Also we saw Christmas trees for Christmas near the cactus garden. When we passed them we saw the bus and we inside and went back to school.


  1. Kia orana, Robati! You took some fabulous photos on the tablet, thank you. What was your favourite part of the gardens?

    1. My favourite part of the garden was the cactus because there are different kinds of one spiky ones and long ones are my favourite.