Saturday, 8 July 2017

100% Pure New Zealand Facts!

Three facts that I learnt about New Zealand.

1. New Zealand has a population of over 4.4 million people!

2.New Zealand is a small country, but same size to Great Britain or Japan.

3. Over three-quarters of the population in New Zealand live on the north side of the island, only one-third with the rest of the population live in Auckland.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Daily Hard Fitness

Working hard at fitness is really tough, but it is really good exercise when you wake up in the morning and come to school.

Everyday we get into class lines waiting for our teacher Mr Reid to let Room 9 go first. After Room 9 goes Room 10 followed by Room 11 and 12. We all run up the hill, near the staff office down the small hill to our left, down a big hill to our right and run down pass the boys and girls toilets. Afterwards we pass the building and back on the concrete outside the classrooms. We had to do that ten and more times, but mostly we have to run for ten minutes straight.