Saturday, 17 December 2016

3 facts about Germany

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Kia, Ora

 Fact:1 The three colors of Germany are gold, red and black with the eagle. They they all represent the national of Germany.

Fact:2  Germany's national animal is the eagle. You can even tell by the picture. 

Fact:3 The major rivers of Germany are Rhine, Danube and Elbe.


  1. Hey Robati,
    Great blogpost depicting ( Depicts mean explain) your task about 3 interesting facts. Great picture about your task. Great Job Robati!
    - Pote from PBS

  2. Hi Robati!

    I'm Willy, one of the commenters for the Summer Learning Journey programme, and you are really BLASTING through these activities already! That's amazing!

    Those are some really good facts about Germany that you've got there. Especially the one about the major rivers - did you know that those three rivers run through different european countries?


    1. Hi again,

      Yeah, that comment really is published by me, I just forgot to change the name. 'Abraham Burnley' is my pseudonym of sorts.

      Can't wait to see what you'll be posting later on in the summer holidays!

  3. Great facts, Robati! Clearly, Willy (aka Abraham Burnley) was impressed. I can also see that Pote really enjoyed your facts about the rivers, national colours and national symbol (the eagle). If you had to choose a national symbol for New Zealand what would you select? I think that I would choose a silver fern...