Saturday, 17 December 2016

Bull fighting should not be allowed!

Bull fighting should not be allowed. You will never know when you might get hurt. Also maybe some bulls are not even attracted to red. What if they are attracted to blue or green. It is very bad to do bull fighting unless you are a skilled player and brave enough to fight against a bull.

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  1. Hi Robati,

    You have raised a really important question! I have always wondered why the matadors use red cloaks to lure the bulls rather than another colour, like green or blue. Why do you think that they've chosen red?

    Like you, I agree that bullfighting should be banned. It is a very dangerous sport, one that puts both the bullfighter (matador) and the bull at risk of injury or death. I hope that they retire the sport and adopt a different, less violent national pastime.

    Rachel :)