Friday, 19 August 2016


Monday 15th August 2016

On Friday When we got pasdasst the gate a guy named Frazer told us what to do and wrfdashat we are going through.  I was with the dasboys group and Mr meyer was our leader In my backyard.

Saluselo tells us wyhere we are going because he had the map with all the animals Tyron had the phone to take pictures. Henry and Robati was walking around finding the animals themselves.  

He showed us toy animals a pictures. We went in groups with a teacher. First we came up to the otters. First we didn’t see them but when we moved we saw like 3 to 5. They were so cute while they were swimming and digging holes. Then we came up to two tigers. One was lying down in between the bamboo sticks, and the other one was was walking around. They were split up so they won’t attack each other. Then we went to the meerkats habitat but they moved to a better place. When we were walking by Willow Island, we saw two Zookeepers trying to catch the goldfish. Then we went up to the alligator. Nobody found the alligator in my group except me. I loud out to my friends “I have found the alligator and it wasn’t moving at all in the water. It was scary and Tyron took a picture of it.

After when we finished all the animals on the other side we went to another place called africa. Also another for it was the pride lands. First we did was we got a picture next a elephant(fake one) After we have done that we went past the gates to the dry and pride lands. We saw giraffes Zebras a Rhino and Ostriches. Then we went to the new meerkats habitats and we saw a zookeeper and two meerkats. One was standing up 30cm up and looking for predators. It was so cute when we saw then standing and crawling around. The zookeeper was nice and he sent us to do anything in the area of Leopards Tortoise and the Love Birds. When we were looking around we saw the lions and flamingos. We saw some on one legs and the lions were sleeping. They were surrounded by water so they would not go near the fence.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Born In The USA!

We created a slide show as a group - Prudence, Malia, Suliasi, Isabell, Limitite and Robati. We also created a flag of the USA because we are learning about the Olympics.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Tiling patterns

Welcome to my brick wall. I made it out of one shape and I can create two shapes. What do you think they are?