Saturday, 17 December 2016

Letter to my friend Isja

Dear Isja

I will be coming to Germany to see you. We haven't seen each other in months so I have decided that I will be taking a plane to go to  Germany. I will be there for two months them I will be coming back to New Zealand. We can visit the best places in Germany and play games. Once I  have done all that I have to head back home

By Robati

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  1. Hi Robati,

    I bet that Isja will be so excited to see you!! I wonder where she will want to take you first? I bet that she'll have lots of great places for you to visit. She may even have some amazing restaurants for you to try. The food in Germany can be pretty tasty (if you like breads, cheeses and meats).

    Bon appetite (Happy eating)!