Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Having Fun At St Kent's!

On Thursday we went on a bus trip to St Kent's. While there we were separated into five groups with two or more St Kent's students. I was in group five and our first game was master, a game similar to basketball, where are part of the game is having a master.

You have to stand in one spot and shoot the ball into the hoop. If you do this you beat the master, but if you fail the master will grab the ball where it bounced. When, a St Kent's student blows a whistle we have to change position.  
 the people beside
The next game we played is called Bang, where we pretend we have one gun in each hand. If they call your name we have to duck down. The people beside us appear to shoot at us, but instead they are shooting the person next to us will try to shoot us. If you don't duck fast enough you are out. If the person to your left or right have their name said, you have to shoot them but instead you will shoot the person next to them. If you say, ''Bang!'' fast enough they will be shot first and you survive.

After we played a new game called capture the flag but instead the flag was a rugby ball and soccer ball.We have to grab the other teams ball in their territory. If you get tagged on their side you have to stand still for your teammate to tag you free. If you get their ball and run back to your base you win!

After they blew the whistle and we had to go. It was really fun St Kent Day!

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