Monday, 20 June 2016

Snag Golf!

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On Thursday we met a man named Mr Jae. He came to school to teach us how to play snag golf. He told us the rules and told us how to putt. He told us how to  aim to the target and get the tennis ball into the hoop but first we had to go through some rules. Don’t talk when he is talking. When he blows the whistle you have to freeze and the most important one is you have to Listen to him. He gave us three tennis balls to get in the target. Me and my buddy got over four snags then we had to get the tennis ball into the hoop. Solomone and I were buddies. I got two balls in the hoop and he got one in the hoop so we got up to three balls in the hoop. Also we had to get the ball into the target. We had to say snag when we got it in the target. I got four points, my buddy got three. We added up to seven points and then the time was up.

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